The work is nearing completion

Building A Final Home

We plan on moving the kids in by December!

Need for special care 

Because of our work rescuing women and children from violence, we discovered there were, at that time, no children’s homes that accepted disabled children or girls pregnant by rape and incest. Now, a few foster homes and children’s homes are receiving special needs children – but the need still far outweighs the help. We are still the only home in Honduras for girls and their babies.

Girls’ Home begins . . . without a home

In May 2010, we began receiving girls, even though we had yet to buy the land and build the girls’ home. They currently reside in our Refuge and Mission Center. We finally bought the land in 2012.

We only receive special needs children and girls pregnant by rape and incest for long-term care and whatever child the authorities bring us for transistion care (we provide security for them until they can be placed in a foster home or reunited with family).

Currently there are thirteen children living with us (five are temporary in our transition house awaiting foster homes, adoption, or family reintegration). This number can change at any moment.


Our Girls’ Stories

Due to the delicacy of their stories and legal requirements, we cannot post pictures of our children here. But these are girls who need your prayers and support. Many were raped at ages as young as nine months, some have given birth through incest at age twelve, others were left to die on mountaintops. These are stories of tragedy.

But our God is a God of restoration. He is healing each one. They are growing and loving the Lord and day by day they are healing.

Sponsors can receive pictures of their children and if you friend Gracie Murphree on Facebook and become a member in our secret group, you can see pictures and receive updates on the children and the ministry.

We are building their home! 
January 2015 marked the beginning of construction for the five-room school and the house for the children living in our Heart of Christ Refuge and Visitor’s Center.

God told us it would be done in 2 years and we are acting on faith to build it. It took six years to fund raise and build our Refuge and Visitor’s Center. 

Debt Free  
We believe that if God calls us to do something, He will provide funds. All of our work and construction is debt free. You can be a part of this project by:

  • Donating funds to build
  • Holding a fund-raising event
  • Asking your church, family, friends, etc.
Support our children
Only with God and you is this even possible. Let’s work together to make this a reality! With God, anything is possible! Your tax-deductible donation to build this home can be sent to:

Heart of Christ
PO Box 14431
Huntsville, Ala. 35815

Just mark “girls’ home” in the memo line of your check.
PayPal Donations- You can also donate through Paypal at:



Girls’ Home construction is nearing the finish line!
The girls’ home has a 50×60 foot footing. It will have ten bedrooms, three showers, three toilets, nurse and director’s office, a medical observation room, storage room and an open 32×34 foot family room area. It will also have two porches with underground cisterns to catch rain and hold more than 30,000 gallons of water, and have an outdoor laundry area.

The Robert Bland Memorial Heart of Christ School

The five-room classroom is finished and the children began classes on the first floor Aug. 26, 2015. We finished the patio above during September 2015 and will paint and tile it after the Justice Center is built.

The patio roof joins the missonary dorm roof on the other side and collects rainwater, running it down the tubes into a cistern below the school porch where we can hold more than 10,000 gallons of pure rainwater.

Chickens: Food and Responsibility

At the side of the girls’ home there is a work area. Within this area there is the laundry station (seen bottom left of photo), and a chicken house (right half of photo). It is much cheaper to raise chickens than to buy them from the store ready to cook. It also teaches the children responsibility.

The chicken house has two rooms. One for hens to lay eggs, and one for growing chicks for food. The children help us feed and care for the chickens from baby chicks until adulthood, they collect the eggs each day, keep the coops cleaned and, of course, help with the slaughter and freezing of chickens for when we need to cook them.



Contact Us

We welcome you to contact us for more information.

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