This has been our vision for years

The 2018 Justice Center

We are the first in Honduras (and possibly Latin America).
Gospel Justice Initiative has partnered with Heart of Christ to open the first Justice Center (in Honduras) outside of the United States.

This Justice Center has been a vision of Heart of Christ for years and is also the first that Gospel Justice has collaborated on outside of the United States. Right now, the three things we lack to work are:

  • People – those called to come work in this Justice Center.
  • Money – sponsors to fund the project and keep it running.
  • The Building – we have the space for the Justice Center, but it has not been built yet because we lack sponsors to fund its building.

Are you called to Justice Ministry?

Are you called to pray for Justice Ministry?

Are you called to support Justice Ministry?

If so, then contact us:

Justice Center Services and Programs

These services and programs will:

  • train communities, schools, churches and leaders
  • manage all of our media and events
  • house the Justice Library

The first floor will contain offices for:

  • Secretary, Intake Specialist, Justice Champion, Aftercare Spec./Social Worker, Psychologist, Pastoral Care, Media Specialist, Educators

The second floor will contain:

  • bathrooms, dorm rooms and a second ministry conference room


Space for Justice Center 


Justice Center Purpose

The purpose of the Justice Center is to advocate for vulnerable groups who suffer violence and provide direct services such as shelter, medical/psychological care, social assistance, restoration aftercare programs, and other assistance.

The Justice Center will provide community informational and training programs to strengthen the family, create a culture of peace, learn how to recognize victims of violence and how to participate in their rescue and restoration.

By working with leaders within the government institutions, we will assist in providing accountability in services to victims.

We will have the only Justice Library in Honduras, open free to all who desire to use it.


Contact Us

We welcome you to contact us for more information.

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