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Heart of Christ “Journey to Justice” Youtube Channel

Season 1
Season One: Ten episodes focusing on the start of the ministry, its growth and challenges during the first 12 years, and ends with the vision for the future.
Season 2
Season Two: Real life stories of people who have been rescued, challenges we faced in their cases and more….

Informational videos
(Available in Spanish on our YouTube page)

Help us Rescue Children from Sexual Abuse

Help us Battle Teen Pregnancy

Help us Combat Domestic Violence

Helps us Combat Sex Trafficking

Radio Podcasts (in Spanish)

“Una Vida Sin Violencia” (A Life WIthout Violence)

Migracion Forzada

Abuso Sexual 1

Radio Show

Since 2005, HOC has had a radio show called “Una Vida Sin Violencia” (A Life Without Violence) to strengthen the family, diminish violence, create a culture of peace, learn to identify violence, and know what to do to rescue victims.

The show currently airs each Wednesday in Radio Talanga, Radio El Porvenir, and Radio Guaimaca and has a listening audience area of 500,000.

We are beginning to record and provide access to these shows online. They are in Spanish. Just click on the title or podcast link below to listen.



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