Those who suffer violence need shelter

Offering Refuge To Many

More than 400 woman/children have stayed with us.

The Need for Shelter and Refuge
During 2006 we realized the need for a temporary refuge for victims and occasionally cared for victims in our mission house.

May 2010, we moved the refuge onsite the mission. 400 victims have stayed with us. 

Housing Goals
We want to assure the clients have all the assistance they need: Legally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

To empower them in seeking and obtaining their own justice.

We provide temporary shelter and protection for 1-15 days for:

  • women who need a safe place as they escape violent situations
  • rape victims who can’t get home right away during their processing of their case
  • children the DA, police, judge or DINAF places temporarily in our care while they complete child abuse and neglect investigations
  • other special protection needs situations
  • clients who need a place to stay while they attend court because of how far away they live from Talanga

Depending on the circumstances, we provide refuge for a longer period of time. 

HOC Mission Center
Rest of Refuge and Visitors’ Center
We need you with us

Why is shelter and Justice Ministry so important?

Inside the world’s most dangerous place to be a woman

What it is really like for Honduran women?

Honduras: where women are killed for $60

Victims are waiting for the people of God to bring hope, love, service and divine rescue. So many Christians miss their anointed work of rescue because they are oblivious to the dramatic, urgent need, or they are paralyzed by hopeless despair.

God wants to deploy our gifts, passions and training to a place beyond safety, beyond our ability and beyond our power to where God is desperately needed.

Front view of Refuge and Visitors’ Center
Frank Lawrence Memorial Education Center

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We welcome you to contact us for more information.

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