During 2006 we realized the need for a temporary refuge

for women and children.

In 2007 we opened the Heart of Christ refuge, to provide

a safe place for them during their legal process.

Why is shelter and gospel justice ministry so important?

Watch these three news reports and learn the truth about violence against women in Honduras:

“Honduras, one of the most dangerous places to be a woman”

– ABC News

Inside the ‘pure hell’ of violence against women in Honduras – PBS

Honduras: where women are killed for $60 – Channel 4 News

We are able to provide 24/7 security for our staff and clients to assure their safety. Our security team members are all former police officers who have collaborated with our ministry for years. After decades as officers, they are now HOC Justice Project staff.

Our refuge provides short-term care for women and children for 1-15 days, who need protection due to violence. They are brought to us by the prosecutor’s office, the police, investigators, the court, and the national human rights office (CONADEH).



We Need You to Partner with Us

Women and children are waiting for the people of God to bring hope, love, service, and divine rescue.

Many Christians miss their anointed work of rescue because they are oblivious to the dramatic, urgent need, or they are paralyzed by hopeless despair.

God wants to deploy our gifts, passions and training to a place beyond safety, beyond our ability, and beyond our power, to where God is desperately needed.

Partner with us: Heart of Christ –

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