Asked by authorities to serve victims

Re-opening Our Office

To date we have served more than 6,000 cases.


In October 2005, police authorities approached us to study the problem of violence and create a program to minister to victims. Feb. 20, 2006, in collaboration with the National Police, we created an office for attention of Special Crimes where we attend victims in the moment of their crisis, supervised their cases and helped authorities realize their work to rescue and protect victims. We were asked to open and supervise two other offices in Juticalpa, Olancho and Gracias, Lempira.

To date we have served more than 6,000 cases
(more than 13,000 victims).

Attacks by the Enemy

Due to violent and dangerous corruption that directly affected our Victims’ office, including a supposed assassination order, at the same time the National Police fell apart in a huge corruption scandal, the victims’ office in the Talanga police station was closed on Nov 1, 2011. Operations in Olancho and Lempira were also suspended.

We still attended victims who called, showed up at the mission or grabbed us in the streets. We also continued to work with authorities on cases in which they sought our assistance.

A Violent Country 

This is a very special ministry. Honduras has been declared by the UN as one of the most violent countries in the world not suffering from armed conflict.

No Hope 

Rape, murder, kidnapping, sex trafficking of women and children, sexual exploitation, and family violence are out of control. Because of authorities’ lack of training and resources and because of corruption, victims suffer without hope or help. More than 70 percent of families experience violence of one form or another.

Time to Get Back to Work

During March 2015, the national prosecutor for violence against women came to our ministry seeking our help to open, or re-open, the victims’ office in Talanga. Gracie was elected president of the ETO board, which oversees the office. Their office, which is managed in the mayor’s office by the Office of the Woman, is open in Talanga, but it is limited in services and is not operating at the same level as we were before.

During 2018, we will open a new Victims’ Crisis Office in Talanga to bring integral attention to victims in the moment of crisis and afterward. We have rented space across the street from the police station and are now fundraising to cover the expenses and hire staff.



Victims Advocate Office in Talanga
In this office in Talanga, there will be an Intake specialist who will receive the client, take their information and start their case file. They will pass off the client to the Victim’s advocate who will go with the client to the authorities, accompany them to forensics and to court. The advocate will also work directly with authorities to ensure the cases move and justice is achieved. Should the client need more assistance, they will be referred to our Justice Center Team in La Ermita. 
Talking on site with the local police
Here we are with authorities on a 2-hour drive into the mountains assisting them logistically with an arrest warrant for a child sex offender (see picture on right).

This assistance to authorities and victims allowed us to reach a 90% reporting rate, when less than 30% is normal, and a 71% conviction rate. The U.N. has declared that Honduras has a 94-96% impunity rate on rapes and murders of women.
God has called us to bring justice and rescue to those who are suffering.

“For I, the Lord, love Justice.” Isaiah 61:8


The Call for Justice and Rescue
“The Lord looked and was displeased that there was no justice. He saw that there was no one, he was appalled that there was no one to intervene.” Isaiah 59:15-16

“Learn to do right, seek justice. Defend the oppressed. Take up the cause of the fatherless, plead the case of the widow.” Isaiah 1:17

“I will show you my faith by what I do.” James 2:18

Is He calling you to work in justice? Is He calling you to pray for and support those who do?

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